Historic Fifth Street School Las Vegas
Historic Fifth Street School Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Grammar School, or “Fifth Street School,” was built in 1936 and
is one of the few remaining intact mission style buildings of its era. The school
was built using federal funds as part of the building program designed to
alleviate a population boom in Las Vegas. Currently the building is being
rehabilitated into a “cultural oasis,” which will house area cultural and
architectural entities. Adjacent to the Fifth Street School complex is the Lewis
Street Corridor and the “Poets Bridge,” which features selected local works of
poetry embedded in the concrete. The Centennial Plaza, a gathering place on
the corner of Lewis Ave. and Fourth St. contains, among other attractions, a
replica of the Liberty Bell and a local historical time capsule.

The Historic Fifth Street School
401 S. Fourth St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Historic Fifth Street School Las Vegas
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