Hypnolarious Las Vegas starring Michelle Van Ree and featuring Deogee
Hypnolarious Las Vegas starring Michelle Van Ree and featuring Deogee
Hypnolarious Las Vegas starring Michelle Van Ree and featuring Deogee
Starring Michelle VanRee and Featuring Deogee
A hilarious experience,' The Funniest Show in Vegas' will entertain you
every minute of the show !

"A laugh-a-minute comedy hypnosis show that's fun for all ages!”

Van Ree is the best female hypnotist in Vegas!!
Audience becomes the show in Hypnolarious

By Deana Di Dio

Sometimes the best formula for a show is when audience members become the
stars. Hypnolarious, starring Michelle Van Ree is one of those shows.

Van Ree, introduced as the "Queen of Hypnosis," takes the stage and immediately
interacts with the audience, walking around the intimate showroom and introducing
Deogee, the hypno-pup. She tries to choose one person from each table and
proceeds to hypnotize them, letting them picture a place with no problems, no
worries and no cares.

And then the fun begins. While some members may not be able to go under
hypnosis, the majority of volunteers do. Men and women are turned into everything
from a six-year-old girl who plays with her mother's makeup, to a man who hears
voices in his head. A good clean, fun show, the pace is quick as Van Ree asks
various volunteers to do something silly, whether it be dancing and singing,
pretending they are Britney Spears or slapping their booty asking, "Who's your

Even the hypno-pup gets in on the action as Deogee, along with an assistant, turn
them into all kinds of dogs, including those who want to be petted and others who
just roll over.

While entertainers can garner many laughs, as Van Ree does, the novelty of
Hypnolarious is seeing her as the ringleader while normal, every day people, even
friends who are sitting next to you, lose their inhibitions and become the show.
There's just something funny about two older women who are hypnotized and
begin arguing over the qualities of beer, bursting into a "Tastes Great - Less
Filling," fight. And for those who became the stars, videos are available for
purchase after the show.
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