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Pilates Plus Yoga Las Vegas Services


Apparatus classes are performed on the the Pilates machines, including the Allegro Reformer, Exo Chair, Cadillac and Pilates Arc. Pilates Apparatus strengthens the mind-body connection by engaging the mind while conditioning the whole body, teaching body awareness and coordinated movement. It builds strength without excess bulk, creating a sleek, toned body with slender thighs and a flat abdomen while improving posture and reducing stress.

Candlelight Hatha

Escape from the stresses of your day and indulge in a sixty minute candlelight yoga class. Featuring soothing music and the soft glow of candles, this class utilizes thoughtful yoga sequencing and meditative themes to calm and restore the mind and body. All Levels welcome.

Expressive Yoga

The fluid nature of an Expressive Yoga™ class is healing and inspiring! The practice embraces creative movement and language to inspire detoxification, agility, centering and liquid like transitions. The hip and heart opening techniques combined with sounding of the breath enable emotive expression through the 5th chakra, communication and truth. The practice offers a serpentine movement, called serpentine asana flow (slow dance) and offers a wide range of rhythmic movement. The Expressive Yoga practice touches on 9 sequences that welcome all levels. Beginners are encouraged to feel their innate strength and connection to breath while also lending advanced practitioners a deeper connection to their body knowledge. Asana modifications are demonstrated by the instructor when needed. Expressive Yoga is sometimes known as a noisy class, as the group utilizes Sound Breathing to experience freedom in letting go of inhibitions as the practice unfolds. At the end of an Expressive Yoga class, you can count on a healing meditation with some light adjustments to soothe the soul and return to our inner calm and tranquility.

Gentle/PPN Yoga

This is a restorative/vinyasa flow-style yoga that is safe during pregnancy and after most injuries. We focus on strengthening the body through a slow, flowing vinyasa while alleviating discomfort through gentle stretches. This class increases flexibility, calms the mind, and assists in recovery. All students welcome!

Pilates Mat & Arc

A full-sixty minute class utilizing the Pilates Arc. Based on the Step-Barrel (sometimes called the Spine corrector) the Pilates Arc is a wonderful redesign of this classic piece of Pilates Apparatus. We welcome you to experience the amazing benefits of the Pilates Arc mixed with some of our favorite mat exercises!

Pilates Mat

This class is comprised of the core based, full body exercises that made Pilates so popular. Featuring a wide range of exercises which stretch and strengthen the muscles, this is a sure bet for great workout. We often utilize bands, balls, rings and other props. Be sure to try a class taught by each instructor as each offers something wonderful and unique!

Power Vinyasa

An active flowing (vinyasa) style that will challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Poses are linked together with the breath in a flowing sequence to allow students to discover and develop deeper breathing. The poses are repeated and held for several breaths to achieve a deeper sense of mind body awareness. Be prepared to sweat and move to a blend of eclectic upbeat music while practicing vigorous and creative flows that will bring you to your edge.  Options will be given in each pose so that everyone can feel challenged yet successful, without breaking the natural flow of the class. All levels are welcome.

About the Pilates Plus Yoga Las Vegas Studio

Our floor studio is the ultimate eco-friendly studio with bamboo flooring, low-voc paint and dimming sconces. We have all the state-of-the-art props and equipment you could ever want: bolsters, bands, straps, small balls, stability balls, blankets and more! We use solar-curtains to block out the hot sun and any unwanted observers to give you complete privacy. Our apparatus studio is stocked with Balanced Body Allegro Reformers, Pilates Arcs, Ladder-Barrel, Cadillacs, and EXO chairs, considered to be the best available! You will note below that we call our classes simply “Apparatus.” This is because we choose which style to teach based on the number of students who attend, their levels of experience and the equipment they most want to use: we adapt to your needs and wants! Offering a variety of classes each week at various times during the day, we provide the convenience you crave. We have something to motivate you!