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Save $20 On A Membership



Fill a Seat

See an unlimited number of quality Las Vegas shows FOR FREE all year long!
Save $20 Now on Membership

Vegas4Locals has a great opportunity for Nevada residents!

See an unlimited number of great Las Vegas shows, concerts, athletic events, and more, all year long for free with your membership to!

Memberships start at just $37.49 per person with the $20 of discount from Vegas4Locals – that’s less than you’d pay for one single ticket to see most Las Vegas shows!


When shows, concerts, and sporting events here in Las Vegas have tickets that haven’t sold out, they come to and give those tickets to our members, FREE! You will have the opportunity to attend these shows and events, for free, over the course of your 12-month membership!

Only Las Vegas locals and Military stationed in Southern Nevada will be granted membership.

Members pay an annual fee that entitles them to 1, 2, or 4 seats to any available show or event. The savings of seeing just one show or event can more than equal the cost of the yearly membership.

Over the past 12 months, has offered over 100 different Las Vegas shows, concerts, sporting events, and more. If you purchased a 2 person, 12-month membership and attended all of the events over the past 12 months, you would have received over $6,000 worth of tickets! Normal 12-month Membership Pricing:

  • 2 Person Membership $99.95 – $20 savings = $79.95 ($39.98 per person)
  • 4 Person Membership $169.95 – $20 savings = $149.95 ($37.49 per person)*Offer is valid for Nevada residents only, first-time members only, not applicable for already discounted senior membership.