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About Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy?

Terry Fator dazzles audiences with his amazing skills as a singer, comedian, and celebrity impersonator. His lovable puppets make everyone smile.

Terry Fator may be the greatest illusionist on the Las Vegas Strip, but you’ll never see him perform any magic tricks. He amazes audiences by singing like famous entertainers from Elvis to Cher without moving his lips, and that’s not all. Along with being a singer and a celebrity impressionist, Fator is a puppeteer. His face may not move much during his show, but his hands are always in action, bringing his cast of lovable puppet co-stars to life.

The puppets each have their own comical personalities and music style, making Fator’s show feel like both a concert and a stand-up comedy routine. There’s Winston, the impersonating turtle; Walter T. Airdale; Maynard Thompkins, the World’s Greatest Elvis Impersonator; Emma Taylor, the little girl with the big voice; Duggie Scott Walker, the annoying neighbor; Julius, the soul singer; Monty Carlo, the lounge singer; Hyphen, the delusional British rocker; Vikki, the cougar; Barry Fabulous, a flamboyant hip-hop diva; and Wrex, the safety expert. When the puppets aren’t singing, they’re sharing their comedic wit with Fator and the audience.

All the while, if you really pay attention, you get the chance to hear something remarkable. Fator’s vocal range extends from Etta James’ “At Last” to Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places.” The appreciation for his talent runs even deeper when he performs both parts of two duets. He does Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe” and “What A Wonderful World,” as Kermit the Frog (with Winston) and Louis Armstrong.

Combine that range of musical samplings and add in that Fator never opens his mouth more than half an inch during the songs unless he’s taking a breath or, on the rare occasion, singing a song as himself.

To call Terry Fator a master of puppets would be an underappreciation for his show and talents. But to call him the best singer on the Strip, who doesn’t open his mouth more than half an inch while using puppets and providing endless comedy, might be more accurate. Unfortunately, that’s really hard to fit on a billboard.

A multitalented performer, Fator got his big break when he won NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in 2007. Fator won $1 million and a gig to perform on the Strip. Since 2008 hundreds of thousands of tourists have seen Fator’s show. Aside from Vegas, Fator has been featured on “The Today Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.”


7:00 pm Thursday – Sunday (dark Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
The show is 70-minutes in length.

Ages 5+ welcome.

Terry Fator Theater, New York New York Hotel & Casino