Local Services Coupons

product and service specials for Las Vegas

Here are our coupons for local services that are available in Las Vegas. Check out the valuable discounts below.

Our coupons are redeemable by everyone, regardless of your residency, except when specifically stated in the coupon’s rules and restrictions.

A Pane in the Glass Window Cleaning
$20 off window cleaning services

Car Wash at Terrible Herbst
$2.00 off any car wash

Cartwright Concrete
Free estimates

Classic Water Heaters & Plumbing
$25 off any service

Free Appliance & Scrap Metal Pick Up
Call for free pick up and removal of appliances

Mark Anthony Painting
Free estimates

Pride Carpet Cleaning
Big savings on quality cleaning services

Santa’s Little Helper Chimney Cleaning & Repair
Free Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning with Chimney Sweep

Schilling Horticulture
Landscaping and tree work discounts

Web Design and Internet Marketing Services
Save on Web Design / Website Maintenance and Online Marketing Services