Mirage’s Coral Reef Aquarium

Mirage Las Vegas Coral Reef Aquarium An endearingly popular attraction in Las Vegas is the aquarium located behind the Front Desk at the Mirage. This 20,000-gallon saltwater aquarium is home to angelfish, puffer fish, tangs, sharks, and other exotic sea creatures.

Managed by The Mirage’s own in-house aquarists, the aquarium accommodates more than 1,000 coral-reef animals representing 60 species from Australia, Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, the Red Sea, the Marshall Islands, the Sea of Cortez and the Caribbean. These sea animals were all selected for their adaptability to the environment and compatibility with other species.

One of the most elaborate and technically advanced aquariums in the world, the tank is 53 feet long, eight feet from top to bottom, and six feet from front to back. The acrylic used in the aquarium is 4 inches thick. The interior was carefully created to simulate an intricately detailed, artificial coral reef. To preserve the living reefs in the ocean, no live coral is used in the tank.

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The Mirage
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