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Aaron Lewis in Concert

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Aaron Lewis has been part of a heavy metal band, a rock group and he’s had a solo career in country. We don’t like to put labels on people, so let’s just say he’s music genre fluid.

The first group he was part of was “J-CAT,” then he moved to a rock group called “Staind,” remember the song “It’s Been Awhile?” Let that just soak in and get stuck in your head for a couple days, it’s been in ours for weeks because it’s so catchy. But he didn’t stop there. He became a country solo artist and made it into the big leagues for a second time. He’s produced three country albums and his biggest hits include “Country Boy,” “Northern Redneck” and “That Ain’t Country.” It’s safe to say, he’s been around the music block.

Give this man an acoustic guitar and hear the magic melodies come out of his mouth. Aaron Lewis has some great songs that will get your toes tapping and your feet moving. And he’s coming to Vegas to show us a great time.