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An Evening with Mel Brooks

Entertainer extraordinaire Mel Brooks hits the Vegas stage to share intimate experiences from his life and career.

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An Evening with Mel Brooks description

Who doesn’t want to be Mel Brooks when they grow up? The filmmaker/comedian/actor/composer/songwriter has basically done it all in the industry (that’s why he has so many slashes, duh). Not only has he done everything, his trophy case proves that he was damn good at it too. Oscars: yep. Emmy Awards: he’s got four of ‘em. Tony Award: you already know. Grammy Awards: uh, duh. Walk of Fame: obviously. These awards and honors are just scratching the surface. We haven’t consulted with a doctor, but Brooks seems to have talent coming out of the wazoo.

So when we heard that Brooks was going to hit the Vegas stage to share stories about his life and career, we totally freaked out! “Blazing Saddles,” “Young Frankenstein,” “The Producers,” Mel Brooks has been associated with some of the greatest movies of all time.

We wouldn’t normally recommend wanting to be a 90 year-old man, but think of all the discounts you’ll get. AARP here we come!