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Andrew Dice Clay

Hickory dickory dock, Andrew Dice Clay takes his lude, crude and downright offensive comedy act to the Las Vegas stage.

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Yea, we all secretly laugh at jokes about masturbation and potty humor. That’s why we FREAKED THE $!@&* OUT when we heard the king of expletive jokes, Andrew Dice Clay, was coming back to Vegas.

This guy is a living (four-letter) legend. “The Diceman” has been packing crowds, starring in shows and headlining events since TAB was a thing. Dice’s act is ridiculously hilarious and his trademark nursery rhymes continue to kill. But don’t worry, these ain’t yo mama’s nursery rhymes, if you catch our drift. Oh, FYI: Clay has been known to insult people in the crowd just to see if he can get them thrown out. Consider yourself warned.

Bow down folks, the king has returned to reclaim his throne.