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Arcade Fire in Concert

Chart-topping rockers, Arcade Fire are pulling into Vegas for an evening full of fun and great tunes.

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Arcade Fire description
As internet certified fire professionals, we specialize in the field of small flame corralling. Naturally, we leapt into action when we heard that there was an arcade fire in Vegas. Then we learned that Arcade Fire (the band) was coming to Vegas, not an actual fire in an arcade. Slight difference.

Our newly acquired skills aside, Arcade Fire coming to Vegas is a huge deal. These guys and gals have been evoking teenage angst since they launched onto the scene in 2001. They’re no one hit wonder though. Jams like “Everything Now,” “Modern Man” and “Reflektor” have been keeping parties crackin’ for days. And their collection of hardware reflects that. They’ve won a Meteor Music Award in 2008, a Grammy for Album of the Year in 2011, the Polaris Music Prize in 2014 and the list goes on and on.

OK, so there’s no real arcade fire, but maybe Arcade Fire will let us run crowd control at their show. We’re totally qualified to handle that responsibility.