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Big 3 Basketball

Recently retired NBA legends team up for some 3-on-3 basketball action.

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Big 3: Basketball description
If you’re just wakin’ up in the mornin’, and we don’t know, maybe you feel kinda odd. Don’t be alarmed; it’s going to be a good day, because Ice Cube’s Big 3: Basketball League is taking over Las Vegas.

While there won’t be any barking from the dog and no smog, there’s going to be a 100% chance of hoops action. This 3-on-3 basketball league is Ice Cube’s gift to hoop lovers around the world. Throw that man in a red suit and call him Santa, because summertime basketball is the gift we’ve been wishing for since basically forever. Even better though, the competitors in the Big 3 aren’t just a bunch of no-name slouches. No, these dudes are bonafide NBA legends. Do the names Mike Bibby, Rashard Lewis, Chauncey Billups and Stephen Jackson ring a bell? Oh, excuse us, that Allen Iverson fellah will be there too. Yeah, these games are going to be legit.

Big 3: Basketball is like one of those fly dreams. And we can’t thank Ice Cube enough, because it’s going to be a good day.