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Carlos Mencia Stand Up Comedy

Comedian/actor Carlos Mencia makes his way to Vegas to share insightful humor on race, culture and social class.

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Carlos Mencia description

Did you know that Carlos Mencia was the 17th child born in his family? Yea, that’s basically enough to field two 5-on-5 basketball teams WITH reserve players. We’re not sure whether Mencia is a hooper or not, but we do know that he’s ridiculously funny. Maybe he’ll let us know what it’s like growing up with so many siblings (or if he balls or not) when he sets up shop on the Vegas stage.

Rising to stardom in 2005 with his hit Comedy Central show, “The Mind of Mencia,” Mencia has done it all in the entertainment industry. Stand-up specials: naturally. World tours: obvi. Super Bowl commercial: you know it. He’s also been in a couple of TV shows and even a couple of movies- just to round out his resume, you know? But more importantly, the dude loves to give back and has regularly performed for our troops overseas (RIGHT ON, Carlos).

Yeah, so we’re not entirely sure whether or not Mencia has a sick crossover, but we’re bringing our sneakers and basketball shorts just in case. Maybe after his set we can get some run in.