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Rob Schneider & Chris Kattan Comedy

Rob Schneider & Chris Kattan team up for some double whammy comedy action.

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We love it when two comedians team up. It’s twice the laughs, which means twice the amount of fun. Rob Schneider and Chris Kattan are coming to Vegas to show us a good time. Cue “What is Love?” and commence the head bobbing.

Everybody knows Schneider the thespian. Since debuting on “Saturday Night Live,” he’s starred in probably some of the most popular cult comedy films in Hollywood, including “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” “The Hot Chick” and “The Animal.” But like any true artisan, Schneider had to get back to his roots and released his first comedy album “Registered Offender” in 2010, which we’re guessing is what got him back in the mood to resurrect his stand-up routine.

Kattan might be famously known for his head bobbing brother act with Will Ferrel in “Night at the Roxbury,” but he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve than that. He’s a master impersonator and got his first big break in the comedy troupe, The Groundlings. From there he was cast on SNL and was able to perfect his craft. There, he learned how to impersonate 25 public figures including Ricky Martin, Clay Aiken, Al Pacino and even Queen Elizabeth II. Sorry Queeney, he gets the crown on this one.

Time to put on the shiny blue and merlot suits, start bobbing your head and catch Schneider and Kattan steal the Vegas spotlight with their cooky personalities and hilarious jokes.