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Chris Rock Stand Up Comedy

Comedian/Actor/Entertainer extraordinaire Chris Rock hits the Vegas stage to share stories and provide his trademark unfiltered social commentary.

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Chris Rock description

What do you get for the person who already has everything? That’s the predicament we’re in with Chris Rock. We could tell you that he’s super talented and super popular, but everyone already knows that. Maybe he’ll be cool with us just saying that he’s coming to Vegas? I guess we’ll find, out won’t we?

In all seriousness, Chris Rock is an entertainment legend. Like, he’d probably have a statue if they did that kind of thing for comedians. For most people, making SNL is a big enough achievement on its own, but for Rock it was just the starting point. He starred in movies, had too many stand-up specials to count, won enough awards to make that statue we were talking about earlier and he even hosted the Academy Awards… twice!

I think we just stumbled onto a sweet gift idea. Who wants to chip in and get this man a statue?