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The Holiday Show at The Wynn

Get in the holiday spirit with The Holiday Show.

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Holiday seasons don’t have to end with a “Home Alone” moment where you lose a kid in the heat of all the action. You can spend it having a great time, with everyone happy, even the Uncle Scrooge. The Holiday Show in Las Vegas sprinkles the city with holiday cheer.

The show has singing, dancing and even a little comedy, with song lineups we all know and love. And that means you’ll have them stuck in your head for at least a month, but whatever it’s the holidays! Be happy! And don’t worry about the comedy being vulgar like “8 Crazy Nights,” this show is friendly for all ages and you won’t have to worry about it teaching the young ones words they don’t already know. So bring the whole family and have a great time.

Don’t be stuck inside wearing that uncomfortable sweater your grandma knitted for you. Head to The Holiday Show and make the most out of the time you have with your family. And if you’re lucky, it’ll make your chattering family stop talking for at least an hour.