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Christopher Cross in Concert

Christopher Cross will perform a collaboration of his current and classic hits during his one-night Las Vegas engagement.

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Christopher Cross description

Say “Chris Cross apple sauce,” out loud five times fast. It’s fun to say, right? Thankfully Christopher Cross’ music is just as awesome.

The man has been making hits since the ‘80s. His first album, “Christopher Cross,” literally won him five Grammy Awards. How does a badass follow that up? By getting his second album, “Another Page,” certified Gold and by winning an Oscar for his hit, “Arthur’s Theme (Best That You Can Do).” If you’re counting, that’s five more Grammy’s and one more Oscar than we have. Continuing to rub salt in our wounds, Cross still releases new albums, proving that talent can’t be caged.

Christopher Cross is only in town for one night. So get your tickets now because they’ll be gone before you can say “Chris Cross apple sauce.”