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Dave Chappelle Comedy Show

Comedy icon Dave Chappelle hits the Vegas stage for a night full of laughter.

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How does a man walk away from millions of dollars and one of the most popular shows in TV history and still wind up probably more popular than ever before? We have no freaking clue. Maybe we can get some answers when Dave Chappelle hits the Vegas stage.

We’re not kidding about Chappelle walking away from one of the most lucrative TV deals ever. With only two and a half seasons, “Chappelle’s Show,” has been on so many “greatest TV shows ever,” lists we stopped counting. He’s even reached the Holy Grail of TV success by being syndicated. But like we said, since walking away from the show (and getting buff AF) his stardom has continued to reach new heights. The dude is a stand-up comedy legend at this point. He’s performed everywhere from late night shows to sold out sports arenas and has even released a couple of Netflix specials for good measure.

Look, we’re just trying to get that Chappelle money. If we have to go to Africa to do it… whatevs.