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Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic

Dirk Arthur’s Wild Magic has all the elements of an outstanding magic show: sexy assistants, music, mind boggling illusions and super cool animals.

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Grab your binoculars, safari hat and your magic wand. Yeah, you read that right. Because Dirk Arthur and his show, “Wild Magic” are going to take you on a trippy, mystical ride with animals and other amazing stuff. No illicit substances or zoo required.

At this point, Dirk Arthur is a Las Vegas institution. There are certain things that you have to do whenever you come to Vegas – take a picture in front of the “Welcome to Vegas” sign’ get a couple smut cards from the peddlers on the Strip, see the Dirk Arthur show (not necessarily in that order). How do you become a Las Vegas staple like Dirk, you may be asking? We’re not exactly sure, but Dirk has made a car float and a helicopter appear out of thin air, so we suggest doing something like that. Those illusions are definitely memorable, but Dirk is an extreme animal lover at heart. And this show proves it. You’ll get to see and learn about bobcats, snow leopards and several varieties of birds.

Forgot to bring your binoculars or safari hat? If you ask Dirk nicely, maybe he’ll conjure them for you out of thin air.