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Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin is bringing his “comedy without a condom” brand to Las Vegas.

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Eddie Griffin description

Like any good pimp, Eddie Griffin knows how to work people. And with his “comedy without a condom” skit there’s a chance you’ll leave his Vegas show knocked up (or feeling dirtier than when you arrived).

Eddie Griffin has been on the stage for 30 years and keeps his comedy 100. He’s been around the block so much, he’s almost done everything a few times. Griffin has done tours, specials, CD’s, residencies and even movies. Remember Deuce Bigalow? Yeah, he was in that. And even though he has a rehearsed routine, you better watch out for his real time rapid fire, because it will burn the house down.

Make sure he signs those child support documents now, 18 years is a lot of money and you’re going to need it after Griffin gets through with you.