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Frank Caliendo Stand Up Comedy

Frank Caliendo brings his high-energy comedy and spot-on impersonations to the Vegas stage.

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Frank Caliendo description

How cool would it be to impersonate anyone you wanted? Imagine all of the sweet stuff we could get for free with an on-point John Madden impression. So believe us when we say that we’ll be sitting front row taking notes when comedian and master impressionist, Frank Caliendo hits the Vegas stage.

Caliendo has been doing stand-up forever basically, but it wasn’t until he started impersonating President George Dubya Bush on “MADtv” that he became a household name. From there, he just started picking up steam like “The Little Engine that Could.” He starred in his own TV show “Frank TV,” began impersonating NFL dudes on “Fox NFL Sunday” and even revived his George Dubya character for the President himself at the White House Correspondents dinner. It’s cool that our parents want us to be ourselves, but Caliendo is proof that if you can be someone cooler than you, always do that.

We have a white wig and can launch spittle everywhere, but if we’re really going to make this John Madden impression believable, we’re going to need a sharpie and a screen to draw swigglies on. Know where we can get one?