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Frankie Moreno in Concert

Catch the excitement of Frankie Moreno in Las Vegas.

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Frankie Moreno description

Sure, there are stars in Las Vegas, but they’re no Frankie Moreno. Who else do you know that started their career on “Star Search” at the age of 11? Or launched that stardom into a bestselling debut album, followed by their own show on the Las Vegas Strip? Blonde-haired women aside, only a few select performers have been able to achieve these levels of badassery.

Moreno is pretty much your classic Vegas showman. But don’t confuse “classic,” with “old.” While Moreno can definitely woo your grandparents back to their heyday, his recent hit “Tangerine Honey,” proves that he can definitely grab the attention of today’s goldfish-like attention spans.  Boxing Moreno into one particular genre doesn’t do him justice because he’s worked with everyone from Hollywood hotshot producer, Joshua Bell to Country music heavyweight, Billy Currington.

Moreno is a dude who knows how to have a good time and so will you.