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Gin Blossoms in Concert

Get ready for the ultimate ‘90s flashback when Gin Blossoms take the stage to shred for the Vegas crowd.

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Gin Blossoms description

Fashion totally repeats itself. Example: flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Like a fresh pair of duds, good music is always in style and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when Gin Blossoms hit the Vegas stage.

Hits like “Hey Jealousy,” “Found Out About You” and “Follow You Down” launched Gin Blossoms into stardom. While they may have grown out of the grungy hair and dingy jeans (we’re still fighting the good fight), Gin Blossoms still kill it live. Unlike other ‘90s bands, they were able to develop a World of Warcraft-like fan base that still supports them to this day.

Hit us up if you need to borrow a flannel or two. We have plenty of extras.