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Gloria Trevi vs Alejandra Guzman

Bring your popcorn, this show will be full of drama and one of the best face offs Vegas has ever seen.

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Gloria Trevi vs Alejandra Guzman description

Where’s the drama? Put two Latinas on a stage that are “rivals” and see how the face off unfolds. It’s like your grandma’s daytime soaps but live.

The two Latina superstars are coming to Vegas to host a singing battle royale. Place your bets people – after all this is Vegas. Gloria Trevi started off in an all girl group and then said “#bye” and went solo. Alejandra Guzman on the other hand was like “I’m good enough to be solo, no back up needed.” This will be better than if Taylor Swift and Katy Perry got on one stage. And even if the drama is not as saucy, the singing will be on point.

It’s time to let these Latinas battle it out. It will for sure be better than that snoozefest Canelo and Chavez put on.