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The Buckinghams in Concert

Famed American sunshine pop band The Buckinghams will be taking the Vegas stage for a one-night concert event to perform a collection of their greatest hits.

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The Buckinghams description

There are many great things that have come out of Chicago. Notably: the most delicious pizza you’ll ever eat, one giant silver bean and the band The Buckinghams.

It’s not always about longevity, but about what you do with the time you have. This might sound like a cheesy poem – don’t worry we’re on to something here. The American band formed in 1966 and had five chart topping hits in the next year. Although they rose to fame fast, they were a breakup band by 1970. Wait for it….and then they got back together in 1980. Sometimes you just need some space, you feel us? They’re top five hits include “Kind of a Drag,” “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,”  “Don’t You Care,” “Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song)” and “Susan.”

The boys are back and ready to rock. Check out The Buckinghams while they’re in Vegas for one night.

Herman’s Hermits in Concert

British Invasion pop band Herman’s Hermits will be bringing their classic hits to Las Vegas.

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Herman’s Hermits description

The British are coming, the British are coming! Now…if this were a few hundred years ago we’d be in trouble, but since we’re talking about Herman’s Hermits it’s alright.

If you were to put a British school boy in a cloning pod and multiply him by five, you’d get Herman’s Hermits. Known for their clean-cut appearances, they were kinda like the One Direction of the ‘60s. They’re most popular for their hit singles, “No Milk Today,” “I’m Into Something Good” and “There’s a Kind of Hush.” They weren’t just about singing their sweet melodies and sailing into the hearts of people around the world. They even made it big in Hollywood, starring in films like “When the Boys Meet the Girls” and “Hold On!”

Their British charm will melt your hearts and have you falling in love all over again. And if that isn’t good enough for you, at least they have their accents for a little side entertainment.

Gin Blossoms in Concert

Get ready for the ultimate ‘90s flashback when Gin Blossoms take the stage to shred for the Vegas crowd.

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Gin Blossoms description

Fashion totally repeats itself. Example: flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Like a fresh pair of duds, good music is always in style and that’s exactly what you’re going to get when Gin Blossoms hit the Vegas stage.

Hits like “Hey Jealousy,” “Found Out About You” and “Follow You Down” launched Gin Blossoms into stardom. While they may have grown out of the grungy hair and dingy jeans (we’re still fighting the good fight), Gin Blossoms still kill it live. Unlike other ‘90s bands, they were able to develop a World of Warcraft-like fan base that still supports them to this day.

Hit us up if you need to borrow a flannel or two. We have plenty of extras.

A Flock of Seagulls in Concert

Legends of the 1980s, A Flock of Seagulls comes to Vegas to rock the crowd.

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A Flock of Seagulls description

It’s time to dust off that old keytar, tease your hair and throw on that highlighter-colored windbreaker because A Flock of Seagulls is here to take Vegas back to the ‘80s.

Mostly known for front man Mike Score’s crazy, futuristic ‘do (think reverse mullet or an emo owl)  these guys can actually rip. Everyone and their mom knows the catchy, international song of the decade: “I Ran (So Far Away).” But these Grammy Award winning dudes are more than just a one hit wonder. “Space Age Love Song,” “Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)” and “The More You Live, the More You Love” are just a few of their legendary chart toppers.

If you’ve got a keytar, we’ve got an electronic drum set. Now all we need is some industrial-sized bottles of Aqua Net and we can hit the road!

Frankie Moreno in Concert

Catch the excitement of Frankie Moreno in Las Vegas.

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Frankie Moreno description

Sure, there are stars in Las Vegas, but they’re no Frankie Moreno. Who else do you know that started their career on “Star Search” at the age of 11? Or launched that stardom into a bestselling debut album, followed by their own show on the Las Vegas Strip? Blonde-haired women aside, only a few select performers have been able to achieve these levels of badassery.

Moreno is pretty much your classic Vegas showman. But don’t confuse “classic,” with “old.” While Moreno can definitely woo your grandparents back to their heyday, his recent hit “Tangerine Honey,” proves that he can definitely grab the attention of today’s goldfish-like attention spans.  Boxing Moreno into one particular genre doesn’t do him justice because he’s worked with everyone from Hollywood hotshot producer, Joshua Bell to Country music heavyweight, Billy Currington.

Moreno is a dude who knows how to have a good time and so will you.