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Grand Funk Railroad in Concert

Grand Funk Railroad is hitting the Vegas stage with all of their greatest hits.

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Grand Funk Railroad description

All aboard, Grand Funk Railroad is pulling into the station and we’re ready to let our freak flag fly.

The popular rock band stole our hearts in the ‘70s and we haven’t been able to look at anyone the same ever since. It was love at first listen when they released their first album “Closer to Home.” We’re the totally definition of groupies, and can you blame us? They kept releasing killer hits like “We’re an American Band, “Some King of Wonderful,” “Inside Looking Out” and “I’m your Captain/Closer to Home.” It’s no wonder they became multiplatinum artists. We’re going to stop talking about them now, we’re on the verge of fainting from excitement.

So, are you ready to chase the sunrise with us? These boys are coming to Vegas and we’re already freaking out.