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Harry Connick Jr. in Concert

Harry Connick Jr. is coming to Vegas to show off his smooth and sexy vocals.

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Harry Connick Jr. Live in Las Vegas description

Is it just us or do you have a celebrity crush list too? C’mon, we know you have one! We’ll go first, Harry Connick Jr. is one of ours and lucky for us he’s coming to Vegas.

There are a few factors we thought of when comprising this list and Harry Connick Jr. met all of them. Not only can you swim in his eyes for days, but he has more allure than Prince Charming himself. He’s a triple-threat that just keeps on giving. He can serenade you with his velvety voice, he can make you laugh by acting out scenes from “Will & Grace” and he can even put on a whole Broadway production by himself. This is why he’s so lovable, and now you can see why he’s at the top of our swoon list. He’s also won a few awards and has been considered one of the top 60 male musicians in the industry, with plenty of top 10 and top 20 jazz albums.

Now, its time to give us the dirt on your list. Let’s catch drinks before Harry Connick Jr’s show in Vegas so you can enlighten us.