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Jeff Ross and Dave Attell: BUMPING MICS

Watch Jeff Ross and Dave Attell duke it out on stage with their hilarious stand-up gig.

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As much as we love comedians picking on every day people, it’s even better when they make fun of each other. Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are teaming up, or rather becoming arch nemeses, for a night of laughter.

These two are like two older brothers getting together to roast each other about their past relationships and which one mom loves more. It’s downright hilarious and works for Ross and Attell. Both of them have careers in stand-up and have pretty solid track records. Attell has written for SNL, Ross is known for his roasting skills on Comedy Central. Ross has even been dubbed “The Roast Master General.”

So now, it’s time to sit back and be the sibling that stays out of it and enjoys the two other brothers fighting about funny stuff. Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are coming to Vegas for a night of laughs.