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Kellie Pickler in Concert

Kellie Pickler is an American country music artist and a television personality. There are many ways to describe Kellie Pickler, with spunky, beautiful, talented and charismatic just scratching the surface. But there is one word that ties them all together and brings them to life. Kellie Pickler is real. Few people speak or sing so transparently from their hearts. Few can bridge life and art, story and song, so vibrantly and compellingly. ‘My life is a country song,’ she has said on occasion, and no one who knows her or has watched her career evolve from her days as a breakout presence on American Idol would argue in the least. Over the course of three albums, hundreds of concert appearances, and a breathtaking 2013 win on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, she has earned the admiration and affection of countless fans, serving as both inspiration and role model. Pickler is the star of her own TV show, I Love Kellie Pickler which has been renewed for the fall season.

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