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Lily Tomlin Stand Up Comedy

Comedian/actor, Lily Tomlin makes her way to Vegas to share her wry wit and tales of life in showbiz.

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Lily Tomlin description

Since we peaked in high school, we don’t really know much about being successful in every decade of our lives. We’re hoping that award-winning comedian/actress/singer/producer, Lily Tomlin can whip us into shape when she comes to Vegas.

Since arriving on the scene in 1969, Tomlin has been bathing in success. She won a Grammy for her comedy album, “This is a Recording,” a few Tony Awards for starring in the Broadway smash, “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe” and has so many Emmy Awards that she’s probably forgotten about a few. She even won SAG’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Continuing to rub our noses into how much better she is than us, her Netflix show “Grace and Frankie” is already an instant classic.

Lily Tomlin has talent like we have bad life decisions. We’re bringing a pen and paper and maybe even a voice recorder so we can figure out what her secret is.