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Linkin Park in Concert

Buckle up Vegas, because Linkin Park is going to hit you with their new tracks and collection of hits.

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Have you ever had that giddy school girl feeling about something and then that thing turns out to be even better than you imagined? Yeah, that’s how we feel about Linkin Park coming to Vegas.

If you don’t know who Linkin Park is, you need to crawl out from under your rock. Smash hits like “Numb,” “In the End” and “What I’ve Done” have “only” helped them to sell more than 70 million albums worldwide. Their debut album, “Hybrid Theory” was certified diamond for bleeps sake. Do you know what going diamond means? It means that it sold over 10 MILLION UNITS, PEOPLE. What’s the saying about diamonds being a girl’s best friend? Well, these guys totally have a ton of “best friends.” It’s impossible to believe, but they’ve only continued to pick up more steam with each new album release and swoop up accolades at awards shows like it’s going out of style.

Can you wear pajamas to the event? We’re not sure, but we have a feeling that this show is going to be better than Christmas morning.