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The Magic of Seth Grabel

Come escape for 75 minutes of magic, wonderment, comedy, and fun for the entire family, as Seth Grabel, a finalist on America’s Got Talent, brings his sleight of hand magic to Tahiti Village.

Admission: $59, $39 5-12 years old, free under 5!

Tickets are available at the concierge desk or by calling (702) 440-6915 ext. 0.

Seth Grabel’s Alchemy Magic & Libations

Seth Grabel’s Alchemy Magic & Libations

Come enjoy a fun filled night of Magic and Libations. Seth Grabel brings you intimate miracles while you enjoy some of the best wines by Michael David. The night will feature Freak Show, Seven deadly Sins and Inkblot wines direct from Lee’s Liquor and Breakthru Beverage. This is an underground magic show in an intimate setting. Alchemy Magic & Libations will be set in celebrity photographer Mario Basner’s gallery “World Heritage Collection” at Tivoli Village.

Seating will be limited please reserve your tickets by CLICKING HERE.

WHAT: Alchemy Magic & Libations Starting Seth Grabel

WHERE: Mario Basner’s gallery “World Heritage Collection” Tivoli Village – 400 South Rampart Blvd, #150 – Las Vegas, NV 89145

WHEN: October 7th 2017 -Seating 6pm, Showtime 7-8pm, Mingling & Libations 8-9pm

WHY: To let loose, live and wonder. This is to open your horizons and see miracles right in front of your eyes.

SPONSORS: Lee’s Liquor & Breakthru Beverage, Michael David winery

David Copperfield

Watch master magician David Copperfield perform his world renowned illusions live in Las Vegas.

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David Copperfield description

It’s David freakin’ Copperfield. Need we say more? We really don’t but since we love talking about this world-famous magician who just so happens to be our neighbor, we’ll go on and brag about him and his show anyway. The perfect combo of nostalgia, magic and showmanship, master illusionist David Copperfield continues to wow us time and again. Trust us, we’ve been about 17 times and still can’t figure out how he teleports. Seriously, how does he do that?!

Anyway, moving on. This show is just mystifying enough to make you believe in the supernatural, while also making you feel like a crazy person for considering whether or not someone could actually separate their torso from their legs and live to tell the tale. We just aren’t sure how he pulls off his magic but we are more than O.K. with it.

In fact, we hope the mystery continues to endure the test of time so that we can keep attending the show and increasing our chances of being picked for the audience participation. Let’s be real here. We are talking about the man who made Statue of Liberty disappear and who walked through the Great Wall of China. Clearly, anything is possible. Don’t believe us? See Copperfield perform for yourself and let us know just how many of his illusions and tricks you manage to figure out. And if you get pulled onstage, we’ll be insanely jealous.

David Goldrake Imaginarium

David Goldrake – Imaginarium is here to send you on one wild trip in Vegas.

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David Goldrake – Imaginarium description

There’s more than one substance that can take you on a magical journey. For those who’ve grown out of that phase in their lives, David Goldrake’s – Imaginarium will give you all of the effects of those recreational activities without the risk of jail time.

Representing a new generation of Illusionists, Goldrake’s interactive show takes classic tricks and mixes them together in his wizard’s cauldron, casting you into a dreamlike fantasy – this cauldron may or may not be real, but it sounded cool. Now, we understand you might be skeptical (we were too at first), but now we’re full on believers. We’ve even contemplated starting a fan club. There’s no abracadabra or alakazam for this one, just mentalism, escapology and grand illusions.

And if you’re the type of person who needs his list of fancy schmancy awards, we’ve got those ready too. He’s won the Mandrak d’Or Award (which is basically the Oscars of the magic bizz), The Merlin Award, and  was named the Best Illusionist in Europe for 2015 by the International Society of Magicians.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to go back to the dream world. If you don’t want to join Goldrake and the gang, suit yourself – just know, you’re missing out.

David Copperfield

Watch master magician David Copperfield perform his world renowned illusions live in Las Vegas. David Copperfield is a legendary showman who’s been hailed by audiences and critics alike as the “greatest illusionist of our time.”

In addition to decades of television events, worldwide tours and a critically acclaimed Broadway show, Copperfield continues to confound and delight audiences with his unbelievable illusions and charming stories. Experiencing a Copperfield show is proof that “magic is as vast as the imagination.”

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Magician Seth Grabel presents “Foolish Fridays”

Magician Seth Grabel presents Foolish Fridays

Come and celebrate April Fools Day with us at the Silverton Casino! Seth Grabel and the SG team have created a spectacle just for you! We have brand new spectacular acts and stunning displays of limitless MAGIC!
Mark it on your Calendar, APRIL 1ST AT 8 PM!

Remember your life is limitless, see you at the show!

Purchase tickets by calling (702) 263-7777 or going to
See you on April 1st, Foolish Friday!