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Primus and Mastodon

Iconic rock band Primus is teaming up with Mastodon and taking the Vegas stage for a concert to remember.

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We would like to order a side of “Frizzle Fry” and a “Pork Soda.” Now, you might be thinking that we’re crazy right now, but you’d understand if you’d climb up “Blood Mountain.” Okay, we’ll cut the nonsense and tell you what’s going on. Primus & Mastodon are teaming up and coming to Vegas to show us a good time. There, we said it!

With their long flowy hair blowing in the wind and rock tunes, we’re getting hardcore flashbacks of our old high school boyfriend. We’ll just tell you now, he was a babe then, and he’s still a babe now. But let’s get down to business and tell you about these uber rock stars. First came Primus, then came Mastodon, then came a baby in the baby carriage. Sorry, we couldn’t resist inserting one more joke.

Primus got its start in the early ‘80s in San Fran and Mastodon came in swinging in the ‘00s from Atlanta. Both of them have a lot of albums under their belt and know how to rock out. The main difference is that Primus is a traditional rock band, where Mastodon is heavy metal. Yeah, those may not seem like they pair well together, but wait until the music starts playing and your ears begin to ring with their glorious music.

So, let’s shove that Zippo in the air and rock to these two bands when they come to Vegas.