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Las Rageous Music Festival

Put on your favorite band t-shirt and head down to the Las Rageous Festival in downtown Las Vegas.

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Las Rageous description

Band t-shirt, check. Black eyeliner, check. Long black hair that flows in the wind while you head bang, check. Now you’re ready to hit the Las Rageous festival in downtown Las Vegas.

The two-day grungefest is making its debut and the lineup is totally moshworthy. Bring on the wall of death and mosh pits. If you have to Google those, this probably isn’t your thing. Bands like “Godsmack,” “Avenged Sevenfold,” “breaking benjamin” and “Anthrax” will invade two ginormous stages.  If that wasn’t enough, they’ll also have roaming freak show performances for all of you who love a good twisted circus act. And while you’re waiting for your fave bands to set up, hit food truck central and gorge on a delicious greasy meal.

Las Rageous is going all out in downtown Las Vegas. Be there, or be lame.