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Britney Spears to Host Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Ribbon Cutting


 The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Britney Spears Campus Officially Opens Its Doors Nov. 4

The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF) will celebrate its grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony with major donor and international Icon and performer, Britney Spears at 11 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4. The event will welcome Britney Spears and local dignitaries at NCCF’s Britney Spears campus at 3711 E. Sunset Rd. and includes an open house from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

The new facility, which houses 45 programs and services for children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses as well as adults diagnosed with cancer, was made possible by Britney Spears and her efforts to raise one million dollars with donations from ticket sales from her “Piece of Me” show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, as well as major donors including Southwest Specialty Contractors, Zappos, Robert Earl, Live Nation, Fusch Commercial Interiors and Design, Caesars Entertainment, Elizabeth Arden and Ann White of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

“I am honored to be a part of building NCCF’s new facility and so humbled having this campus named for me,” said Spears. “Having lived through cancer in my family I understand the incredibly destructive effects it can have on the entire family. That’s why I am so happy that Las Vegas children and their families will now have this amazing new facility where they can get the help they need,” she added.

NCCF’s Britney Spears Campus is a 16,000 square-foot facility combining more than 45 pediatric and adult services for children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses as well as adults diagnosed with cancer. NCCF’s services were previously located at two separate facilities in the valley. In partnership with DC Building Group, Almany Architecture and PENTA Building Group, the size of NCCF more than doubled to accommodate the needs of 400 pediatric patients and their families as well as more than 1,000 adults diagnosed with cancer.

“We named the new facility the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation Britney Spears Campus in honor of her dedication and compassion to our cause,” said Jeff Gordon, president and CEO of NCCF. “Her authentic commitment to helping our community will allow us to make a larger impact on the families and adults we serve. We are truly grateful.”

In 2016, the ORION Cancer Foundation Grant Program was transferred to NCCF by Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. This program, now managed and facilitated by NCCF, provides financial grants to eligible adults living in southern Nevada who are unable to afford the basics of daily living while undergoing treatment for cancer. Applications and funding information are available at

Additionally, in September 2011, NCCF expanded its services with the addition of a local foundation into its programs, which provides healing arts, wellness, and emotional support services at no cost to adults diagnosed with cancer. The Caring Place serves as a complement to medical treatment by providing services including Reiki, reflexology, yoga, stress management, massage, support groups and various other services for adults diagnosed with cancer as well as to their caregivers.

For more information, please call the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation at (702) 735-8434 or visit You can also follow the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @NVCCF.

About the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1993, which offers over 45 programs and services including a variety of educational services, financial support and counseling for critically-ill children and their families living in Southern Nevada. The foundation’s mission is to work side by side with the medical community to provide social, emotional, educational, financial and psychological support services and programs to families of ALL children diagnosed with a life threatening or critical illness such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, renal disorders, blood and immunologic diseases as well as to adults touched by cancer. In 2011, NCCF incorporated The Caring Place which provides emotional support as well as healing arts and wellness services to adults with cancer, into its breadth of programs. Contact the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation at 702.735.8434 or visit them at for pediatric services, healing arts and wellness programs for adults diagnosed with cancer, and for ORION financial grants for adults in cancer treatment.