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Paul Anka in Concert

Paul Anka is coming to Vegas to sing his hits we all know and love.

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There’s a million and one things to say about Paul Anka, and no, we’re not talking about the cute dog from “Gilmore Girls.” Superstar Paul Anka is coming to Vegas to show us that he’s still got it.

Starting his career when he was 14, he slid his way to the top with his boyish charm and timeless doo-wop hits. And since he started at a young age, he had the chance to produce more hits than most people do in their musical lifetime. But that’s not the only thing he has under his belt when it comes to his career. He’s been in movies, TV shows and even sang the intro to “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” Anka became so famous the Ottawa City Council named August 26 “Paul Anka Day” in 1981. That’s pretty impressive; you don’t see them naming a day for Celine Dion, just saying. But in the end, it’s his hits that we all know and love like, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder,” “Pennies from Heaven” and “Diana.”

This man has lived the good old days, and he’s coming to Vegas to sing his heart out and tell us stories about them. Don’t worry, it won’t be like the time your mom told you about how she walked to school in the snow.