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Plain White T’s in Concert

Plain White T’s is bringing their feather bangs and ripped jeans to the Las Vegas stage.

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Plain White T’s: Unplugged description

Chivalry is not dead, especially when it comes to The Plain White T’s. Who else writes a song for a girl and sings it around the world to win her back? Okay, a lot of artists, but this is still a valid point – stay with us.

The band became famous in ’97, right before the turn of a new millennium. Young love lit their career on fire and the chorus of “Hey There Delilah” was stuck in the hearts and heads of young teen girls around the world. We admit, it’s catchy and sometimes we belt it out when no one is looking. They became award winners at the Teen Choice Awards and the MTVU Woodie Awards; we promise it’s a more prestigious ceremony than it sounds. Branching off from their platinum success of their first hit, they came out with other romantic songs like “Rhythm of Love” and “1,2,3,4.” These were easily the most serenaded love songs if you were a teenager at the time. And if you weren’t, it’s pretty much the same as John Cusack holding up his boom box and blasting Peter Gabriel outside your window. If you don’t get that reference….well, then you’re a lost cause.

1,2,3,4 go! The Plain White T’s are serenading the Entertainment Capital of the World for a night of love with your high school sweetheart, or whoever else.