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CSN Fall Dance Concert: Princess Di Tribute


Friday December 1 at 7:00 PM and Saturday December 2 at 2:00 & 7:00 PM

“One of the things that the general public may not be aware of,” comments CSN Dance Program Director, Kelly Roth, “is that among other things, Princess Diana was herself a dancer and a tireless supporter of the art form.  As the poor stepchildren of the arts, we dancers thus felt a special bond with her. We lost one of our own.” Roth’s revival of “WISDOM,” a dance-theatre work he created twenty years ago at the time of her death, is both a reflection on Diana’s life and a collage of the strange, tragic and unexpected events that crossed the headlines of 1997. As the Hale-Bopp comet passed overhead, the process of obtaining wisdom was examined through a series of overlapping segments reminiscent of the Heaven’s Gate cult’s suicidal departure, Elton John’s forays into volunteerism and Diana’s rebound from royal soap opera queen to global goodwill ambassador. Underscoring all of this, in contrast to the invasive din of the media, was the quiet altruism of Mother Teresa.

In the current production, Shannian Foster portrays the young novice princess while Carrie L. Miles assumes the role of Diana in the last turbulent years of her reign as tabloid focal point; seasoned Dutch actress Francisca Beaudoux inhabits the character of the little Albanian nun; Alexis Portillo is seen as Elton John with Kelly Roth as cult leader Marshall Applewhite.  CSN Dance Ensemble and Concert Dance Company complete the cast of this twisted holiday classic.

Also on the program will be a new solo created for student Kaylee Hannig, by CSN Dance faculty member, Leslie Kremer Roth, as well as a presentation by members of the CSN Cultural Diversity Club under the direction of student choreographer, Shannian Foster.

The college’s elite performing group, Concert Dance Company, will round out the program with another revival. Premiered in New York City in 1982, Kelly Roth’s dance, “Peacework,” set to Igor Stravinsky’s stunning Symphony of Psalms, was praised by the Arizona Daily Star for its, “Marvelously innovative motion that appealed both with its beauty and its meaning.” In costumes by Cynthia DuFault, the ambitious student performers take on the challenges of this intricate and abstract thirty-five-year-old motional exploration of the human need for existential meaning.

General Admission is $8.00, students and seniors $5.00.  For more information or to purchase tickets, please call the CSN Ticket Office at 702-651-LIVE (5483) or buy tickets online at:

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