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Rancid & Dropkick Murphys Concert

The mosh event of the year is happening in Vegas and Rancid & Dropkick Murphys are in charge of it.

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Rancid & Dropkick Murphys description

Strap your shoulder pads on, it’s time to mosh to Rancid & Dropkick Murphys in Vegas.

The two bands are banning together like brothers from another mother. And to make the brotherhood stronger, their openers are The Selecter and Kevin Seconds. Four bands, one night? Sounds like you need to get your Zippos ready and warm up your vocals, because that’s a long time to play sing along. Don’t forget the moshing either, that’s one of the most important parts.

As for their award winning streak, Dropkick Murphys hit the number eight spot on the Billboard Top 200 with their album “11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory.” Rancid was certified gold from their album “Let’s Go.” So, obvi they’re a big deal.

Now that our armor is on, it’s time to jump into the mosh pit – who’s with us?