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Retro Futura Concert Tour

Retro Futura, the mecca for new wave music, rolls into Las Vegas with it’s cluster of stars!

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Retro Futura description

C’mon now, you don’t have to lie to us. It’s Ok to admit that you still buy industrial-size tubs of hair gel and slather the eyeliner on a little thick when you’re not at the office. Lucky for you, Retro Futura is coming to downtown Vegas and you can finally revel in the scene’s glory days.

Retro Futura is stacked with performances from some of the genre’s biggest names, including Men Without Hats, Howard Jones, The English Beat, Paul Young and more. This lineup is better than “Lucky Plate Day” at school. Don’t remember what that was? It’s probably because you ditched school that day to go listen to these guy’s songs in the parking lot behind the football field. Those were the days weren’t they? You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the blessed melodies of the keytar or synthesizers.

Just because the glory days are over doesn’t mean that you have to let go. Stay strong because eventually the trend will come back around and you’ll be at the forefront of the scene.