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Sara Evans in Concert

Singer, songwriter and all-around talent, Sara Evans is hitting the Vegas stage to share her catalogue of country music hits.

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Sara Evans description

We REALLY want to be besties with Sara Evans. After all, we have so much in common. Like, we both have six siblings and… ok, maybe we don’t have that much in common, because she’s a country music superstar and we just like to sing in the shower. Maybe after her show in Vegas, we can track her down and bond over zodiac signs or something.

Sara Evans is a country star in every sense of the word. This woman has done it all and then some. Hit singles like “Born to Fly,” “A Little Bit Stronger” and “Suds in the Bucket” have helped her sell over six million albums, win the AMC Female Vocalist of the Year award and if that wasn’t enough, she was the first-ever country star to compete on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Since we were the first runner-up in our middle school talent show, we can totally relate.

If we get strong-armed by security after the show, maybe we’ll try to reach out to her online. Do you think she’ll notice our handle: @SaraEvansBestFriendsForeverPlusInfinity?