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Scars and Stripes Music Festival

Head bangers, rejoice! The Scars & Stripes Festival is your one-way ticket to metal town!

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Scars & Stripes Festival description

You don’t earn your stripes without a few scars along the way. Just ask Evel Knievel, if he were still with us, obvi. Lucky for you, all you need to become a badass is to hit the Scars & Stripes Festival in downtown Vegas. Helmet optional.

Who are the biggest ass-kicking, daredeviling, S.O.B’s in the world? Our military members. And what better way to honor them than by throwing a killer benefit rock concert? Bands like 3 Doors Down, Asking Alexandria, Hellyea, and countless others will all be rocking out to celebrate the guys and gals who have earned a few scars to protect us and our (stars and) stripes.

So come out, salute the troops and throw your metal horns in the air because Scars & Stripes is going to be a killer time. Maybe keep some bandages and rubbing alcohol in your car for afterwards, you know, just in case.