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Sheila E. in Concert

The biggest and brightest of Prince’s understudies, Sheila E. is as musically talented as her idol.

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Imagine how cool it would’ve been to be part of The Revolution? Now imagine how much cooler it’d be to be anointed Prince’s biggest and brightest protégé? Well, we’re super jelly of Sheila E. because she’s living our best life.

Yeah, it’s cool to have the Prince co-sign, but don’t get it twisted, Sheila E. and her talent stands on their own. Her 1984 breakthrough, “The Glamourous Life” made her the popular girl in class. She was everywhere that mattered. Actually, places mattered because she was there. Like your grandmother at a barbecue, she kept giving the people what they wanted. Tunes like “A Love Bizarre,” “Holly Rock” and “The Belle of St. Mark” made her the coolest of the cats.

If we find enough cool people, do you think Sheila E. would let us join her crew? We’d totally run all of her errands and do whatever else she needed!