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Elton John in Concert

Global icon, Sir Elton John hits the Vegas stage to share his decades upon decades worth of hits.

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Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano description
We’re not big on subtlety ‘round these parts, so believe it when we say we’re totally freaking out because Elton John and all of his utter glory is triumphantly making his way back to the Vegas stage.

Where do we even begin with “The Rocket Man?” Seriously, we’re over here trying to decide if selling more than 300 million records or having more than 50 Top 40 hits during his five decade career is more impressive. Oh, and he was Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. Like c’mon, the guy already has it all and our big claim to fame was buying a Prius. Apparently that’s how it goes when you’ve made hits like “Tiny Dancer,” “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” and “Your Song.” And to further put the rest of us to shame, Sir Elton John raises funds and awareness for too many charities and global causes to count.

We already know that we’re basically going to stroke out when we see him. So we’re stuffing our clothes full of padding in preparation. Be a doll and bring the smelling salts, would you.