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Anjelah Johnson Stand Up Comedy

Anjelah Johnson is ready to bring the house down with her style of comedy.

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She doesn’t want her nails did, she doesn’t want to take your complicated order and she sure as hell doesn’t need a boyfriend to be funny. Anjelah Johnson is coming to Vegas to deliver jokes that will have us *Valley Girl accent* literally ROFL. Yeah, we used that acronym, don’t hate.

If you like your comedy down and dirty (with a side of ghetto fabulous), Anjelah is your girl. She broke the internet way before Kim K did. And all she needed to do was take us to “The Nail Salon” in her popular stand-up bit. That success landed her on Mad TV where her character, Bon Qui Qui broke the internet again! Sketch after sketch she had the crowd roaring with laughter and helped her score deals with Netflix and Hulu. If you haven’t seen her comedy specials, as Bon Qui Qui herself would say, “Rude.”

Anjelah Johnson is coming to Vegas and she might just break the internet again.

Jerry Seinfeld Stand Up Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld brings his unique brand of observational humor to The Colosseum. See the stand-up and TV comedy legend live in Las Vegas.

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Nasally voice, curly cues (nope, it’s not Adam Sandler), it’s one of our faves, Jerry Seinfeld. He’s hitting the Vegas Strip and it’s kind of a big deal.

Launching his stand-up career at New York’s Catch A Rising Star Comedy Club, Seinfeld has become one of the brightest stars of them all. Boy, New York sure knows how to make ’em. Most of you probably know him from the iconic ‘90s show “Seinfeld,” which everyone still loves. Since becoming humongously successful, he’s become a best-selling author, movie actor and a show creator (again!). All while staying true to his stand-up roots.

Don’t miss one of the most famous funnymen in the world as he sets up shop in Sin City.

Jim Bulishi Stand Up Comedy

Jim Bulishi is rallying up his troupe of comedians and coming to Vegas to show us a good time.

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Remember your one friend’s dad that you thought was sooo cool and sometimes you wished he was yours? (sorry dad we still love you). Well, that person is Jim Belushi and he’s coming to Vegas to show us some family love.

The guy wasn’t always one of America’s favorite dads though, he had to earn the title. He started out his career by making a name for himself in the Second City Comedy troupe. Then Saturday Night Live picked him up for two seasons and his talent truly shined. ABC loved him so much on the show, they gave him his own show “According to Jim” and that is when he became good ol’ pops. Sorry Tim the Tool Man Taylor, Jim gets the Dad of the Year Trophy this time. But wait, there’s more. Besides his own sitcom, Belushi starred in cartoons every ‘90s kid loved like “Rugrats,” “Pinky and the Brain,” “Hey Arnold” and even “The Mighty Ducks.”

Now the comedian is calling up his old buddies from the Second City days and going on tour to spend time with us, his family. Not only will you get Jim, but he’s also bringing along Larry Joe Campbell, Megan Grano and Joshua Funk.

It’s time go home (aka to Vegas) and spend time with pops and his gang as they hit the Vegas stage for a night of great stories and even better jokes.

Jim Jefferies Stand Up Comedy

Funnyman Jim Jefferies brings the laughs to the Mirage Las Vegas.

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What do kangaroos, Vegemite and comedian Jim Jefferies have in common? They’re all super popular in the U.S. And you thought we were going to say that they were all from Australia.

Jim Jefferies is from Australia, but much like those aforementioned Australian staples, Jefferies has gone global. Actually, we’re not completely sure if Vegemite is really a thing in any other part of the world. Jefferies has been makin’ blokes and sheilas laugh since 2007, but it wasn’t until 2009 that his comedy reached international audiences here in the states. Since then he’s performed at too many festivals and famous venues to count. He’s even had an HBO special and has had two of his own network TV shows (Legit on FX and The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central).

Ok, so maybe kangaroos and Vegemite aren’t all that common in America. But if Jim Jefferies were to eat a Vegemite sandwich while riding a kangaroo? GAME CHANGER!

Wayne Brady Stand Up Comedy

Comedian Wayne Brady will be joining the Aces of Comedy lineup at the Mirage this summer to entertain audiences with his hilarious brand of stand up comedy.

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He dances. He acts. He makes you laugh hysterically. He’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Well, maybe he’s not actually Superman, but Wayne Brady is one of the hardest working multitalented performers in the entertainment business and he manages to work dancing, sketch and improv comedy all into his 90-minute show.

But comedy is not all he has achieved. In his impressive career, Brady has released two albums, “Radio Wayne” and “A Long Time Coming” on top of winning a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety, Musical or Comedy Series for his work on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” as well as four Daytime Emmy Awards for “The Wayne Brady Show.”

While Brady may be best known for his work on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” he has also hosted two games shows, “Let’s Make a Deal” and “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!,” and has appeared on other popular shows including “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza,” “Chappelle’s Show” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

Whether it’s impersonating or rapid-fire entertainment, Brady delivers his side-splitting stand-up and improvisational comedy at a rate enviable of superheroes.

Iliza Schlesinger Stand Up Comedy

It’s a night of laughs when “Last Comic Standing” alum Iliza Schlesinger takes the Vegas stage.

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Author, late-night host, stand-up comedian, Iliza Shlesinger has it all. And now she’s coming to Vegas to show us what makes her popular with all the cool kids, aka the world.

Iliza has been around the block a few times, and we’re not talking about the block we used to refer to in high school. Instead of picking up trophy husbands, she’s picked up three Netflix specials, a book and her own late-night talk show on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family for all you scratching your heads). But before she got all this cool stuff we all dream about, she was part of a comedy troupe called the “Whiteboy Comedy Group” and made her way up the season six, “Last Comic Standing” ladder until she won. Now, she’s on the top of the comedy food chain, and we’re ready to eat up the next big thing she does.

Iliza Shlesinger is coming to Vegas for a night of jokes that you’ll want to repeat to all of your friends.

Steve Martin and Martin Short

Comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short will be taking the Vegas stage at Caesars Palace.

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Legends of comedy? That title still isn’t good enough for these two comedic giants. Don’t bother going to the gym tonight, these goofballs created a stand up gig full of funny faces that almost guarantee you a six pack from laughing.

Bringing you “An Evening You Will Forget For the Rest of Your Life,” these two iconic funnymen are joined by special musical guest Steep Canyon Rangers for a night of laughs and entertainment that will have audiences rolling in the aisles.

Beginning his career on “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” in the late ’60s, Steve Martin earned his first Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy, Variety, or Music in 1969. From there, he amassed an even larger fan base with his stand-up comedy on mainstream television shows and movies including “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson,” HBO’s “On Location” and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Martin’s widely popular films include: “The Jerk” (1979), “Parenthood” (1989), “Father of the Bride” (1991) and “Bowfinger” (1999).

Martin Short kicked off his career in the ’70s and has since become a household name for comedy lovers around the world, thanks to his work on popular TV shows including “Saturday Night Live,” as well mainstream movies such as “Three Amigos,” Father of the Bride,” and “Pure Luck.” Similarly, Short won a Tony Award for Leading Actor in a Musical for the 1999 Broadway rendition of “Little Me.”

Don’t miss you chance to catch these to hilarious men in action when they take the stage at Caesars Palace for their one-night engagement.

Wanda Sykes Stand Up Comedy

She’s loud, proud and ready to get her comedy on. Wanda Sykes is coming to Las Vegas to have a good time.

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You’ll know when Wanda Sykes is coming to town. She’s so loud you could hear it from another continent. Okay, that might be an over exaggeration, but you get what we’re saying.

We like to think of Wanda Sykes like that one lovable aunt that you can’t wait to see at every family reunion. Not because you haven’t seen her in awhile, but because she’s the person who calls your family out on their B.S. Not only does she have the best clap backs, but she’s always on her toes, looking for the perfect opportunity to land her next joke. If you watch “Monster-in-Law,” “Ice Age: Continental Drift” or any of her comedy specials, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about. She’s the comedian that won’t hold back, and that’s why she’s hilarious.

Grab the closest bucket of popcorn you can find, and watch her light the stage on fire with her jokes. Wanda Sykes is coming to Vegas, and you’d be a fool to miss it.

George Wallace Stand Up Comedy

Actor and comedy icon George Wallace is going to make you fall out of your seat from laughing so hard!

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What’s the one random fact you like to tell people about your hometown? Because we guarantee George Wallace already knows it – and a few that you don’t. While it’s possible he might be a cyborg supercomputer disguised as a human, it’s probably more accurate that his comedic talents have helped him travel the world and experience these things.

If you know anything about comedy, you probably know how legendary George Wallace is. Not because he’s been doing it for so long (even though he’s been in the game since 1977), but because he’s still reinventing himself! Yeah, he’s been in movies and TV shows, has traveled the world numerous times and has all the comedic accolades one could ever dream of, but it’s his off-the-top creativity that makes him so unique. Anyone can memorize a joke, but not everyone can pull humor out of their **ahem** like Wallace can.

So when you’re watching the show and Wallace knows more about your town than you do, it’s not because he has a computer for a brain (which we cannot confirm nor deny), it’s because he’s a brainiac. So get your tickets today and get ready to HILARIOUSLY have your mind blown.

Kathleen Madigan Stand Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy queen, Kathleen Madigan is in Vegas to make you laugh ’till it hurts.

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Having observed thousands of drunken tourists teetering their way through the streets of Sin City, we of all people, know funny when we see it! And Kathleen Madigan has funny written all over here. Well, not literally, but “the funniest woman in America,” and “one of the best comics alive,” is in Vegas to show us how she claimed those titles.

Tastefully distasteful, just the way we like it, Madigan got her start at open mic nights in St. Louis. Since taking on a full-time career in comedy, she’s performed numerous televised and live performances. She’s even a veteran of the late night circut, having appeared on “The Tonight Show” more than a dozen times. And not to rub her success in your face, but Madigan has the awards to prove it. She’s won the American Comedy Award for “Best Female Comedian,” and the Phyllis Diller Award for “Best Female Comedian.” Impressed? We are.

Madigan is clearly one of the best in the bizz. If we were her, we’d literally bring all of those awards up on stage each night. But that’s just us.

Jeff Ross and Dave Attell: BUMPING MICS

Watch Jeff Ross and Dave Attell duke it out on stage with their hilarious stand-up gig.

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As much as we love comedians picking on every day people, it’s even better when they make fun of each other. Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are teaming up, or rather becoming arch nemeses, for a night of laughter.

These two are like two older brothers getting together to roast each other about their past relationships and which one mom loves more. It’s downright hilarious and works for Ross and Attell. Both of them have careers in stand-up and have pretty solid track records. Attell has written for SNL, Ross is known for his roasting skills on Comedy Central. Ross has even been dubbed “The Roast Master General.”

So now, it’s time to sit back and be the sibling that stays out of it and enjoys the two other brothers fighting about funny stuff. Jeff Ross and Dave Attell are coming to Vegas for a night of laughs.

Jo Koy Stand Up Comedy

Jo Koy delivers his family style humor to Vegas for a night of laughs.

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Lights out Vegas because this feisty Filipino is taking us home for a night of ab-busting laughs and tear jerking jokes. Hello, six pack. We don’t know what’s funnier his initials or his jokes. Just kidding, we love him and his mom. He talks so much about her it’s like she’s on stage with him.

The comedian started off in our own backyard with one of his first gigs hosted at MGM Grand. With a few funny jokes and his mom’s accent on stage, he was recruited to make his television debut on BET’s “Comic View.” Since then, he’s been on the Chelsea Lately show, Late Night with Jay Leno and Comedy Central.

Catch the comedian poke fun at his family heritage and many other things on the Vegas stage.

Jim Gaffigan Stand Up Comedy

Audiences are in for a night of laughs when actor/comedian Jim Gaffigan takes the stage.

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If you have a knack for fatherhood fails, laziness and a soft spot for food, Jim Gaffigan is the comedian you need to see.

If you don’t recognize the name at first, press play on Super Troopers and you’ll have your “ah ha” moment. But his career doesn’t stop there. Along with building his stand-up career, he’s starred in movies, television shows and even wrote a few books. It’s not everyday a comedian writes about his love life, but he authored a book called “Food: A Love Story.” Besides authoring a delicious book, he’s produced comedy specials like “Mr. Universe” and “Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed,” which both received a Grammy nomination. This fool has been around the block and knows how to get a crowd going.

Jim Gaffigan is hitting the Vegas stage with his famous dad bod and one liners that’ll have you laughing for days.

Sebastian Mansicalco Stand Up Comedy

Sebastian Mansicalco holds nothing back during his Las Vegas performance.

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Sebastian Maniscalco description

We have more than 800 selfies on our phone, so what? Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco would call us lonely, but we’re just trying to let the world know how cool we are. We’re going to explain that (and hopefully get a selfie with him to prove it) when he comes to tear up the Vegas stage.

Starting his career performing in bars and bowling alleys, Maniscalco has made a name for himself by calling out the ridiculous realities of everyday life (sorry not sorry, but we still love selfies). The man is a machine, having done everything from a half-hour Comedy Central Presents set, to three Showtime specials and pretty much every late night show around. His witty takes and observations have him on the fast track to stardom, much like us with our HUGE social media following.

Sebastian Maniscalco, you see right through us. We are lonely. Very, very lonely. Maybe we can get a therapy session rollin’ after the show?

Steven Wright Stand Up Comedy

Known for his deadpan delivery, Steven Wright’s uncanny revelations about day-to-day life have put him at the top of the comedy court.

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Usually when you imagine a monotone person, you get flashbacks of that horrible middle school teacher you never liked. But when you add the quality to a stand-up comic like Steven Wright, it’s pure gold.

If you don’t believe us, here’s a roll call on how successful he is. Wright has appeared as a host on “Saturday Night Live” and made appearances on talk shows hosted by Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Craig Ferguson and David Letterman. In 2007, he released a follow-up to the successful album “I Have a Pony” titled “I Still Have a Pony,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album. In 2008 he became the first inductee into the Boston Comedy Hall of Fame. AND…pause for a deep breath. Wright has been named the No. 23 comedian on Comedy Central’s list of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time.

He’s got the Midas touch, not like that fake pawn shop stuff that will leave you with a green ring around your neck. So watch out Vegas, because these laughs are worth their weight in gold.