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The Beach Boys in Concert

Music icons and “Kings of the Surf,” The Beach Boys are bringing their chill vibes and classic tunes to Vegas.

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The Beach Boys description
It’s time to bust out the board shorts, flip flops and baby oil Vegas, because The Beach Boys are bringing endless summer vibes to town.

The human embodiments of the SoCal surfer lifestyle, these musical bros have ridden the wave of success to the tune of 100 million records sold worldwide. So, yeah, they’re the forever “Kings of the Beach,” or as Rolling Stone would say, the “number 12 Greatest Artists of All Time.” Pretty chill, right? Super-smash hits like “Good Vibrations,” “Kokomo” and “California Girls” have helped them dominate the music bizz and win basically every award possible. Their gnarliness is only rivaled by the type of sunburn you get when you pass out on the beach before applying sunscreen. #blistered

Now that Vegas has turned into a beach town, should we open up a handmade puka shell necklace stand, or just pick up a metal detector and start mining the beaches for hidden treasures?