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The Orleans in Concert

Popular band, The Orleans is going to share hits like “Still the One” and “Dance with Me” with the Vegas crowd.

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The Orleans description
The Orleans is coming to Vegas. No, this isn’t the charming southern city where your popularity is determined by the number of beads you have and the things you’ve done to earn said beads. We’re talking about the popular rock band. And now that we think about it, you’re probably just as likely to see some people “earning some beads” at their show, too. Not that we’re encouraging you or anything.

While we’re not talking about the city, Orleans was inspired by the type of music that came from the destination. Having released 12 studio albums, sold too many records to count and reaching the tops of basically every “hits” list ever, we think it’s safe to say that these dudes have made the city of New Orleans proud. And why wouldn’t they? Singles like “Still the One,” “Dance with Me” and “Love Takes Time” have been the soundtrack to some of the biggest romcoms ever.

Since this is a family-friendly site, we can’t say exactly what you gotta do to earn those beads. But we can mention that it rhymes with “movies.” Or “scoobies.” Whichever you prefer.