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Paul Shaffer & The Shaf-Shifters

Get ready, Vegas. Paul Shaffer & The Shaf-Shifters are going to rock the house!

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Paul Shaffer & The Shaf-Shifters description
We wouldn’t normally advocate playing second fiddle to anyone, but when that person is David Letterman, we’d call dibs on second chair, too. So after 30 years of conducting the house band for the late night legend, Paul Shaffer is taking center stage to hit Las Vegas with a musical smorgasbord.

Paul Shaffer needs no introduction. You know why? Because the undisputed king of late night TV has spent the last 30 years introducing him. And when you have David Letterman on your team, the world is your oyster. And shoot that oyster he did, because Shaffer has literally done it all. He’s the musical director and producer of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, he led the band for the “We Are the World” finale of Live Aid, hosted CBS’s 1994 New Year’s Eve special and has done too many other bucket list-type of stuff to mention here.

Just so we’re clear, Paul Shaffer does not play the fiddle. Actually, we can’t verify that. What we can verify is that he’s a musical genius. So actually, we wouldn’t be too surprised if he could play the fiddle. Guess we’ll find out during the show.