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Tom Arnold Stand Up Comedy

Comedian/actor, Tom Arnold is pulling no punches with his side-splitting stand-up.

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Tom Arnold description

Dreams do come true, kids. Need proof? Better grab your tickets, because proof it’s about to walk out onto the Vegas stage in the form of comedian, Tom Arnold.

No joke, Tom Arnold started out in the meat-packing industry. We get it, the phrase “packing meat” is udderly hilarious (see what we did there?!), but what happened next is no laughing matter. After performing stand-up in small venues throughout the country writing for and occasional screen time on the super popular TV show “Roseanne” got the ball rolling. But his big break didn’t come until his role in James Cameron’s “True Lies.” From there, he’s had a role in basically every movie ever (his IMDB page verifies this).

As soon as we get home we’re throwing away all of our “Get Rich Quick” and “20-Pack Abs in 20 Days” books and entering the meat-packing industry. That’s obviously where success begins.