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Tonic in Concert

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Some people think the best thing about the ‘90s were Dunkaroos and gel pens. Those are cool and all, but our vote goes to Tonic. No joke, when we heard they were coming to Vegas, Surge soda came shooting out of our noses. And that’s pretty impressive, considering that it’s not even a thing anymore.

Tonic is legit. Some would say, TOO LEGIT TO QUI… Sorry, we’re getting swept away with ‘90s nostalgia. While the band broke through during the era of N64, their music has stood the test of time. Yeah, hits like “If You Could Only See,” “Open Up Your Eyes” and “You Wanted More” have helped them sell tons of records and play to sold out concerts, but more importantly, they still bump!

Clearly we’re excited for the show. We’ve already made an appointment to get the tips of our hair frosted. Now if only we could find our walkman.